Month: December 2013

A Look Back & A Glance Forward: December 2013-January 2014

I can hardly believe that today is the last day of December, let alone the last day of 2013! This year FLEW by. So many wonderful things happened during 2013 but there were other things that I didn’t make any progress in that I wish […]

Confetti Egg Strata Recipe

Confetti Egg Strata Recipe

We only have a few more days home with family. 🙁 Since I want to maximize quality family time I’m just going to share a quick breakfast recipe with you today.  This is is one of my favorite things we eat during the holidays so […]

Training Summary – 12/29/2013

This week my training has been all over the place. I have done runs in California and Massachusetts, run outside in the snow and on my family’s treadmill, gotten up to run early in the morning and waited until after eating junk for breakfast to […]

Treadmill Incline Workout

It was 5 degrees (felt like 1) on Christmas morning. So instead of braving the cold weather by myself I decided to try out a few of my new Christmas goodies on the treadmill in our basement! I got a new pair of Newton Distance sneakers […]

Christmas in Pictures

So much has happened over the past two days! We had a wonderful Christmas with family and friends. Instead of writing a novel for you today I thought that I would try my first “3 words to a picture” post! Merry Christmas Everyone! Caroling is […]

Merry Christmas!

I hope you are enjoying your Christmas. I am celebrating with my family and friends today and will back to regular blogging tomorrow. For now here are a few pics of me and Finn last Christmas for your viewing pleasure – man I miss that […]

Christmas [Eve] Survey

Today is going to be really crazy! Land in Boston at 8am, get in a run with my bestest Boston runner friend, stop by a friend gathering, hang out with the fam, go to church, and then to our cousins’ house for our traditional Christmas […]

It’s been 6 months?!?

HENRI AND I FLY HOME FOR CHRISTMAS TONIGHT (in just 10 hours)! We are taking a red-eye flight – woohoo. BUT I really can’t wait to see these smiling faces! Today is also the six month anniversary of our wedding. Its hard to believe that […]

Christmas #1

Since we won’t be in California for Christmas Day we celebrated with the in-laws yesterday. My mother-in-law went all out for breakfast! The only thing I contributed to the meal was the gingerbread pancakes (p.s. these are the only 2 shaped pancakes of the whole batch […]

Christmas Party & Cookie Exchange

Our Christmas party last night was a blast! There was great company, good food, lots of sweets, and many many laughs! Dinner was a baked potato bar with a choice of regular or sweet potatoes. The main topping was Pulled BBQ Chicken. In addition to […]