Month: March 2014


We are officially 20% through our cross country road trip! This move is finally starting to feel like the real deal! When I walked out the door for my early morning run yesterday the sky was absolutely beautiful! Since I was just going for an […]

Training Summary – 3/30/2014

After yesterday’s long run it’s all downhill til Boston! 20 miles at 7:14 pace in the books, with a little tempo the last two miles (6:40, 6:30). I’m going to miss running with my running buddy, Paige, so much! I love out weeks routine of […]

Froyo and Earthquakes

As this post goes up Henri and I will have just about 24 hours left in Cali! Too much excitement! Yesterday I had to say goodbye to the most wonderful group of co-workers I’ve ever had. Working with them has been really great and it was […]

The Numbers of my Life

Maybe tomorrow I will be able to put together more coherent thoughts, but really my mind is consumed with thoughts about the move, the road trip, and all the things that need to get done before we leave – so it’s not likely. Please bear […]

Things I’ll Miss About SoCal

In exactly 5 DAYS Henri, the pups, and I will be loaded into our little car and on our way to Boston! I can’t even describe how much I am looking forward to our road trip adventure and being a New Englander again! HELLO SEASONS!! 🙂 I know that I […]

Training Summary – 3/23/2014

Between running 80 miles last week, planning a somewhat last minute cross country road trip, and getting the stomach bug I really dropped down my mileage and the intensity of my training. Here’s a quick look at the past week. Sunday Summary   Monday – 9 miles […]

Racing Schedule!

One of the most exciting things about finding out that we were for sure moving and finally knowing where we would be for the rest of the year was that I could finalize my racing schedule for the rest of the year! I went a […]

When Life is More Important to Running

  I forgot to mention it before, but yesterday was exactly ONE YEAR since my first marathon. Time really flies! Today’s post is a little bit different. My focus is usually on my love for running and why (to me) it’s worth waking up early […]

Training Summary – 3/16/2014

Having 18 days notice to move yourself and all your stuff across the country has turned out to be quite the whirlwind! The past few days have been filled with planning, booking hotels, and packing up all of our stuff. The in-laws came over yesterday […]

Shipping Out To Boston!!

Well, it’s official! On March 30th (in just 18 DAYS) Henri and I will be shipping off to BOSTON and I start my new job on April 7th! Just a few short weeks ago I couldn’t even imagine that I would be Boston Bound in […]