Month: May 2014

A Look Back & A Glance Forward: May-June 2014

I wish that I had a great excuse for my absence from the blog world the past two days but the truth is that Henri and I got hooked on the History channel’s new mini series “The World Wars” and that has been taking up the […]

Ice Cream is the perfect pre-workout fuel and Things I’m Loving Lately

Last night Sarah and I met up at Uhlman’s for some of the best ice cream in New England. Thank goodness for friends that are always up for an ice cream date even when it is 50 degrees and raining!I am so glad this girl is back in […]

The Benefits of Aqua Jogging

The weather yesterday was a little bit of a bummer… no laying out and tanning happened but luckily I did have a buddy for my aqua jog. Here’s to sisters that are willing to spend 45 mins in a chilly pool with you and make […]

Boston’s Run to Remember 5 Mile Recap

**I appologize for the lack of photos in this recap – I am just really bad at taking them when I am getting ready for a race** Sunday’s Run to Remember was such a great race that I already can’t wait to do it again! […]

Training Summary – 5/25/2014

So… I ran a race today. I know, it sneaked up on me too but it actually went pretty well. Okay – it was the perfect way to cap off my first week of training with my new coach! I ran the Boston Run to […]

Athlete Recap: Courtney’s MCM Historic Half

Happy Friday! I have a really special treat for you today. One of my athletes, and long time running buddy, ran the Marine Corps Historic Half this past Sunday and she’s here to share her experience and race recap!  —————————————————————————– Hello everyone! My name is […]

Happy Birthday to the Best Hubby Ever

Today is a very special day. Today my best friend turns 25! Today is also the first time that I get to give Henri a “Happy Birthday Husband” card! 🙂 It hard to believe that my hubby is a quarter century – but what’s even harder […]

My New Coach

I know it was just a few days ago that I let you guys all in on the fact that I was looking for someone to help me reach all of my big running goals but I already have really exciting news. As of this […]

You Know You Moved Back to New England After Living in California for 6 Years When…

Remember all those “You know you _[blank]_ IF _[blank]_” lists/groups that were popping up a few years ago? You know you’re from Boston when…, You know you ran cross country when…, You know you’re a 90’s Disney kid when…, and on and on. Well, over the past […]

Training Summary – 5/18/2014

This week was a great week of training. My first tempo effort since the marathon and the first short track intervals since COLLEGE! Tomorrow I start working with my new coach so today will be spend resting up and getting ready to work hard! Here’s […]