Month: August 2014

Training Summary – 8/18-8/24/2014

Training Summary – 8/18-8/24/2014

Training Summary – 8/18/14-8/24/14 Monday – AM: 7.03 miles @ 7:42 pace + core work and push-ups PM: NTC Marathon Prep Workout Tuesday – 8.02 miles @ 7:50 pace + NTC Arm Definer workout Wednesday – rest day – 2 mile walk w/ dogs + core work Thursday – 8.15 miles @ 7:50 […]

Picco – Restaurant Review

Picco – Restaurant Review

Hi there, I hope that your Wednesday if off to a great start. Just think, there are only 2 more wake-ups until the weekend! 🙂 Ever since I started training with NB Boston about a month ago my weekly running schedule has been shifted around […]

Training Summary – 8/17/2014

Training Summary – 8/17/2014

At about 2:30 yesterday afternoon Henri and I found ourselves wondering how it was possible that the weekend was almost over. This weekend was the perfect combination of relaxing and busy. Lots of laundry, a date to one of my favorite restaurants in Boston, a […]

Runner’s World Festival!

It’s Friday! Wahooo!  My morning has been great so far! After sleeping in a little extra, getting in my morning run, making a really tasty smoothie bowl for breakfast, and picking up a cappuccino on the way into work I’m convinced that all Fridays should start off like this.In […]

Thinking Out Loud: 25 Things You (Probably) Didn’t Know About Me

It was cold and rainy around these parts yesterday. Which seems fitting since it was also the day that my baby sister headed off to college. Lots of tears all around. My mom, dad and sister are driving  her out and dropping her off for […]

Why I LOVE Being on a Team

Hey-o! How is it already Wednesday? I love it when weeks fly by… especially when you have something really exciting to look forward to at the end of them. This Sunday I’m running my first race with NB Boston! I ran the Falmouth Road Race 5 […]

Hello There & Training Summary – 8/10/2014

Hello there! Long time no chat… I took a little bit of an unexpected time off from blogging last week, for no reason other than I needed a little bit of a break. It was nice to relax at the end of each day without feeling […]

Training Summary – 8/3/2014

We’re having a great Sunday here in the WRFB house. I hope that the last few hours of your weekend are awesome! Just popping in to share my training from this week. 🙂Sunday Summary – 8/3/2014 Monday – 6 miles @ 7:30 pace Tuesday – NB Boston Practice […]

NYC in 24 Hours – Part II

Let’s see… where did we leave off? Oh yes! We were on our way to lunch! One of our good friends from Pepperdine moved to New York right around the time we came back to Boston. We haven’t seen him since Boston Marathon weekend so […]

NYC in 24 Hours – Part I

I’m loving that fact that it’s already Friday, we should have Wednesday off every week! Our trip to New York this week was really quick but looking back we were able to squeeze a LOT into that one day. And I was really on top of […]