2018 Brand Partnerships

Hi Friends – happy Monday! I was planning to write a weekend recap for you today but we had the most lovely, relaxing and boring weekend so a recap would have been quite boring. Saturday involved a lazy morning watching the Manchester City game…

an easy 7 miler, errands and lunch out as a family and then we spent the evening watching the Rams game. This season Henri decided that he is a Rams fan (even though he’s never really been into football before) so it was kind of a bummer to watch them lose. At least we had yummy snacks to eat while we watched. 

Honey Sriracha Lime Wings

Sunday I was up SUPER early to squeeze my long run in before church and we went to the 9am service before heading over to my in-laws for a family walk and lunch to celebrate Henri’s dad’s birthday. Unfortunately, we couldn’t stay super long because we ran up against Liv’s nap so we headed home around 1:30 for nap-time and chore/work time for mommy and daddy. Henri worked on the kitchen island and chairs and he’s refinishing and I took down our Christmas decorations and worked on training plans for my coaching clients. All and all a nice weekend!

Oh and if you’re wondering how Lavinia and the new dog are getting along… they are already the best of friends and love getting into mischief together! Ha – what have Henri and I gotten ourselves into?

They put themselves in here and REFUSED to come out… ha!

Before I had Lavinia I was lucky to serve as an ambassador for a few running brands that I absolutely love. While I was pregnant with her I didn’t apply to serve as an ambassador since I wasn’t running super seriously and last year I missed a lot of the applications because *mom brain*. This year I got my act together and am SO excited to be back representing two of my favorite brands this year!

First up – I’m back as a ProCompression Ambassador.

I’ve been wearing ProCompression socks for upwards of 4 years and they are the best for running! I refuse to wear anything else! They have three different heights, the low trainers, the mid-trainers, and the marathon socks (knee high). I love the lows for every day runs, the mids if I’m running on trails, the height keeps dirt and rocks out of my socks, and the marathon socks for workouts and races!

the black marathon sock in action at the LA Rock N Roll Half

I mostly stick with the solid colors but they have lots of fun patterns to choose from and their socks of the month are always a hit! 

I’m also REALLY excited to be back with Honey Stinger as a member of their Elite Hive! 

As with ProCompression, I’ve used Honey Stinger for YEARS! Most recently I used the Classic Gold Gel during CIM. I love that their products are natural (and often organic) and since a lot of their products are a majority honey they are super gentle on my stomach. They offer a wide variety of products like energy waffles, gels, energy chews, and different types of bars. 

Of course along the way I’ll still be rocking my rabbit gear because it’s become a habit I just can’t quit (sorry Henri, haha). If you’re dying to get your hands on some cute running clothes you can get 10% off your first rabbit order by clicking here!

My aim as an ambassador is to share products that I love with you guys without being annoying. I only represent brands that I feel passionate about and will never shill anything at you that I don’t personally use and love! I just get a lot of questions on the products/fuel that I use and I hope that sharing about these products can help some of you on your running journey as well!

This link did contain a referral code, thank you for supporting my corner of the internet and my running dreams!

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