A Family Beach Day

Happy Monday! 

We started the week off with a family run. It felt nice to get the legs moving for a 6 miler after eight full days of rest. I also got to try out my Milestone Pod for the first time and it was really interesting to see the data on my stride. I’ll share more about the Pod once I’ve gotten to use it for a few weeks. 

Mondays are always a bit of a shock to the system but this was my last weekend with nothing planned for a long time so it was especially hard to say goodbye to this weekend.  

Yesterday we took advantage of Liv’s early wake up and headed down to Laguna Beach bright and early for some brunch&beach adventures. Our first stop was one of my all-time favorite breakfast spots, Urth Cafe. Henri had been to the location in Pasadena before but this was his first time at the Laguna restaurant. (Liv and I are old pros at this point 😉 ) 

Henri got the Beef Hash and I got the Corn Pancakes – these pancakes are the reason that I love the Laguna Beach Urth Cafe. They are the most amazing pancakes I’ve ever had and they only serve them at this location. They are worth the drive every single time!

*pic from my last time @ Urth because wrangling a hungry baby makes it hard to take a pic haha

After breakfast we walked about 400m down the street to the main beach. Luckily, it was still early in the day so it wasn’t very crowded yet. We set up our blanket, umbrella and chair and relaxed for a couple of hours. I forgot to pack Lavinia’s beach toys so we had to make do with what we had… my empty iced latte cup and these orange balls from our paddle board set. Luckily, she’s one of the most easy going babies ever and didn’t mind one bit. 

On our last trip to the beach Liv was pretty tentative about touching the sand but yesterday she was all about it (even if it doesn’t look like it in this picture… haha).

The waves were relatively big and the current felt really strong so we only dipped Liv’s toes in the water. Henri ventured into the water for some body surfing but came into shore after he got pummeled by a particularly big wave… poor guy has a big raspberry on his back. 🙁 I also took a dip and ended up almost losing my bottoms and my sunglasses at the same time when a wave overtook me. After that we stuck to our blanket for the rest of the afternoon.  


There’s not much better than a relaxing Sunday with your people!

Hope your week’s off to a great start!

What did you do this weekend?

What fall/winter races are you training for?