Bedroom Gallery Wall

I have a confession to make… I just now got around to ordering prints of our wedding photos.

Yes – our two year anniversary is in a month and up until a few weeks ago the only pictures we had from our wedding were digital (or in an album). It feels so good to have them printed, framed, and displayed around our apartment because every time I catch a glance of one of the photos I’m immediately flooded with happy memories of our wedding day!

These photos are spread around the apartment but the two 8×10’s that I ordered ended up in our gallery wall. I am so pleased with how this project turned out and excited to share the final product with you! I used this post as inspiration but also made some tweaks to make it 100% us. 🙂



Both the dresser and photo ledges are from Ikea – you can find them HERE and HERE. Everything else is a hodgepodge – some of the frames we already had, the rest I purchased at Cost Plus World Market, Target, Home Goods, etc. 

Here’s a close up of what I included in the gallery wall.

This is one of my favorite photos from our wedding. I just love how in love we look and that we are in a world of our own. 🙂

IMG_0201The two games that Henri and I play the most together are Rummy 500 and Scrabble so when I saw the Scrabble art that Casey made I had to steal her idea. I ordered 100 Scrabble pieces on Amazon but couldn’t wait for them to arrive so I broke into our current Scrabble box (Food Edition – what else??) and put this together with some scrapbook paper and a hot glue gun. Don’t worry – when my Amazon order came through I replaced all the missing tiles. 😉

IMG_0177I knew that I wanted to include a print as the focal point of the gallery wall so I turned to Etsy and searched and searched for the right one. As soon as I saw this “All You Need is Love” print I had to have it! Henri is a big fan of the Beatles AND these lyrics are used in one of the main songs of my favorite movie, Moulin Rouge, so it was perfect for both of us!

The only thing that I’m thinking of doing is getting a different color mat – I already had this one but it’s a little much with the black frame. 

IMG_0206The year after I graduated from college Henri and I backpacked around Europe for 15 days! We went to London, Paris, Nice, Venice, Florence and Rome and it was one of the best vacations that we’ve ever been on. I used to have a bunch of pictures from this trip in a giant frame but in the process of moving that frame broke and none of the pics had a place to live anymore. I framed two of my favorites – the Eiffel Tower and the two of us at the Colosseum in Rome. The map is of my favorite city – Paris!! Originally the map was a lot larger but I just cut it to include as many of my favorite places as possible. 

IMG_0209Another one of my favorites from our wedding + a little DIY project that I’ve been meaning to get to forever! I put my own spin on this project that I saw on Pinterest by using glitter instead of the sprinkles. The heart is on the town where we got married. <3 

IMG_0214The first time Henri and I ever traveled in Europe together was when I was studying abroad in college. He came to visit me during spring break and we spent the week with my godmother in Munich. We got this souvenir penny at the Olympic Park in Munich and it’s been in my purse ever since. I was really excited at the chance to display it because it’s from a really fun trip AND from place where Steve Prefontaine ran in his only Olympic games. Of course as a running couple that was part of the coolest parts of our trip! 

IMG_0227This little photo is from the photo session we did with Henri’s co-worker last January. The gold “F” {for Floris} from this craft that I did last year, but I took it out of the frame in order to re-purpose it to hold our wedding stationary. I’m so glad that I finally got our invitations, save the dates, RSVP cards and wedding programs into a frame and that they aren’t just sitting in a box in our closet anymore! 😀

IMG_0219I kept things on the dresser simple, on the left I have the ring box from our wedding, a wax warmer from Target, and a photo of my handsome hubby that I don’t have a frame for yet. haha

IMG_0233In the middle so I put out two of our photo albums from vacations and our wedding. So much better than putting them on a book shelf where they’ll never be seen!


And on the right I have a vase and candle. I got this square vase from Ikea, and filled it with rocks and a little bundle of fake flowers from Michael’s. The candle is from Cost Plus World Market and is Vanilla Cedarwood scented. It smells heavenly!!! 


Overall, I love love LOVE how everything came out! I’m pretty sure that this is my favorite part of our apartment at the moment, and I’m looking forward to changing out and rearranging pictures and knick-knacks as we make more memories together!

Married ladies: how long did it take you to order prints of your wedding photos??

What is your favorite city?

What do you think of this post? Would you like to see more home/housemaking posts or should I stick with the running thing?? haha 😉