Building Casa Floris: Update #1

So remember when I shared the before pictures of our house and promised I’d be back soon with an update? Well, it’s been 6 weeks and I’m finally circling back with that update! 

As I mentioned in that last post we started off our home renovation project with a lot of demolition work. We literally ripped everything out of the house and after a few weeks of slowly trying to get rid of the junk on trash day we bit the bullet and hired someone to come haul it all away. This first update that I’m sharing is what the house looked like after we had demo’d everything, had the whole house painted white and had carpet installed upstairs. To me these were just a few changes that made the whole place look like an entirely new house!

Besides the carpet upstairs this is about as bare-bones as the house ever got so it’s fun to look back at these knowing what the house looks like now!

Before pictures for comparison. 

Kitchen – the most notable part about this room is that we removed all of the cabinetry and on on the right hand side (it’s kind of hard to see) instead of replacing the cabinets there Henri and his dad build a walk-in pantry.

Kitchen/Dining Area – I was not a fan of the giant built in, plus it smelled like smoke, so we ripped that out. The tile surrounding the fireplace also wasn’t very “us” so that went as well. We haven’t made much progress on this wall since then so it pretty much looks the same now – haha

Living Room – this little half wall was one of the most baffling features of this house to me. Henri and his dad pushing it back a bit and built the wall wall the way up. Now our TV stand is in that little alcove. In the future we are hoping to build a built-in entertainment center but that’s probably a few years away.

Upstairs Loft – We didn’t do anything fancy to this room, just fresh floors, paint and new ceiling fan (not pictured)

Office – This room looks sooooo much better, but still after multiple coats of paint and an air freshening treatment it still smells faintly of cigarette smoke. When I run my oil diffuser with doTERRA Purify it will remove the smell for a few days to a week but it always seems to come back. Any advice on this would be great!

Liv’s Bedroom – Aside from the crazy color and gross carpet Liv’s room was in pretty good shape. 

Master Bedroom – It was sooooo refreshing to get rid of that purple/green color combo. 

Upstairs Hallway – We removed the built in cabinetry and have yet to decide what we are going to put in this space. It will either be an upholstered sitting bench or a free standing cabinet. 

And that’s where we’ll leave it for today – up next is the hardwood installation, kitchen cabinet installation and first floor restroom reno! I promise I won’t wait 6 weeks for the next update. 🙂

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