Chicago Photo Dump & Happy “Birthday” Finn!

Good morning! You made it to the weekend!

I’m still in PA and still loving it! We’ve been so busy since we got here that there hasn’t been ANY time to sit down and do an in depth recap yet so I just wanted to pop in this morning and say hey, I’m still in PA and I’m still loving it! Today we’re running the 5K and 10K races so that is going to be a lot of fun!

I can’t wait to tell you guys all about this weekend when I get home but today I have a little bit more Chicago Marathon to share with you!

So we’ve talked about the running and we’ve talked about the food, but my phone is still overflowing with pictures from Chicago Marathon weekend!!! The only way I can think of to solve this problem is a photo dump so that’s what we’re doing today. Enjoy!

ProCompression Shake Out Run along the lake!photo 1 (58)

Everyone showing off their sweet PRO prizes in front of the Bean!photo 4 (36)

I got to meet Cori in person!! She had a great race this weekend too and ran a PR!photo 4 (40)Henri’s first time at the Bean!

photo 2 (56)Truth! Not just for this marathon but every single mile we ever get to run!
photo 1 (60)Henri getting on the beer bus at the 1 (72)The sign outside Carmine’s the night before the race – our waiter told us that they had over 2,000 reservations that night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
photo 1 (57)Kellie and Cam making their way up the hill at the end of the race (red and green in the far center)!photo 2 (67)Hanging out with the tiger at the Lincoln Park Zoo.
photo 3 (48)Stuck behind people that refused to walk on the moving sidewalk!!! hahaha
photo (27)

Okay! I think that’s all of them! 😀

Today is a very special day because it marks exactly two years since we brought Finn home. I often joke that our dogs are like our kids because we really do love them that much and I can’t believe that Finn has been a part of our family for two years.

He is so smart (sometimes annoyingly so), cuddly, energetic and happy and never ceases to bring a smile to my face.

Happy “Birthday” Finn I don’t know what we would do without you, you crazy pup! IMG_1626

What is your favorite way to carbo-load before a race???

Do you celebrate your pets’ birthdays? I know when they are but I’m usually pretty bad at doing something special for them.