CIM Training: Week 13

Last week was RACE WEEK! It was great to mix up training a little bit and have a down week in terms of mileage. I’m really pleased with how my race went (I’ll get a recap up later this week!) and have recovered relatively quickly. The first part of this week will be about recovering from the half marathon and the second half of the week will involve some solid workouts and LOTS of mileage. I have 3 more weeks before the taper so these next two weeks I have the goal of hitting 80-85 miles. Can’t believe I’m about 21 days out from taper time! :O

Training Summary: 10/23/2017-10/29/2017

Monday: REST DAY [40 mins NORMATEC]

Tuesday: 8.5 miles + mini band exercises

Wednesday: 10 mile workout (3 mile warm-up, 4 mile tempo @ 5:48 pace + 4x 400m @ 75, 78, 72, 76, 2 mile cool-down)

+ 30 mins NORMATEC 

+ chiropractic appointment

Thursday: 10 miles @ 7:29 pace + mini band exercises

Friday: 6 miles @ 7:32 pace

Saturday: 4 mile pre-race shake out run @ 7:42 pace

Sunday: 16 mile race day (1.5 mile warm-up, half marathon in 1:18:39. 1.25 mile cool-down) –> recap coming soon!