Favorite Running Gear


Garmin Forerunner 235 – Black/Gray

I’ve been a loyal Garmin fan ever since I got the Forerunner 305 my freshman year of college. Unfortunately, I lost my beloved Forerunner 620 last spring during a trip to San Francisco but the 235 has been a great replacement. It is very similar to the 620 but has some cool new features including:

  • Pedometer function – even when you are not using it to track a run it functions like a pedometer so at the end of the day you can see your total steps taken and the distance you’ve covered that day 
  • Built-in heart rate monitor – because of the built in heart rate monitor on the wrist it also measures your heart rate throughout the day and it tells you your resting heart rate, this is pretty cool data to see as you gain fitness and your resting heart rate gets lower
  • VO2 max predictor + Recovery Advisor


Pro 2000 Treadmill by ProForm

A few months ago I received the Pro2000 Treadmill through my partnership with ProForm. It has really been a game changer for my training since it has allowed me to complete workouts on the treadmill when needed. For a relatively affordable treadmill the quality and functionality is amazing, I highly recommend it if you are in the market for a new treadmill.

Make sure to check out the series that I write for the ProForm blog.


I am an Adidas girl through and through! Everything in the Boost family is amazing but my personal favorites are the Adidas Ultra Boosts (for training runs) and the Adios Boosts (for workouts and races). The Energy Boosts are great for training as well and are in a more reasonable price range than the Ultra Boosts. While Adidas shoes can be quite pricey you will definitely get your money’s worth out of them, because of the Boost Technology you can put more miles on them than other shoes which means that you’ll be buying sneakers less often. 🙂

adidas Ultra Boost
adidas Energy Boost
adidas Adizero Boston Boost


Clothing – I am so proud to be a rabbitELITE runner and can’t recommend Rabbit’s clothing enough. They are a great company that is committed to a clean sport AND USA made apparel – and their clothes are cute & functional to boot! 

Socks – ProCompression socks are my favorites by far. On almost every run I’m rocking a pair of either the ankle socks, mid-length or knee socks. Their compression pants are also great after a long run or on recovery days.


Salt Sticks

Honey Stinger Waffles, Gel Packs, and Energy Chews

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