Friday Favorites [6]

We made it to Friday! 

This week has felt both like it flew by and lasted forever. Our air conditioning pooped out on us last week so we’ve spent every day trying to manage the heat which generally means taking trips to Target to cool off. It been a LONG time since I shared some Friday favorites and since there are a lot of things I’m loving this week (despite the AC troubles) I thought this would be a great week to do so!

Rest Week

In college I was realllly good about taking rest weeks. After each season I would take a week completely off from working out and then usually a second week still off running but with some cross training and maybe a run or two towards the end of the second week. Outside of collegiate racing there are races all the time so you really have to take ownership of creating your season and sticking to your guns on when to take some rest. The past few years I’ve really struggled to create seasons for myself and my training cycles have tended to look like this….

Train really hard + race + repeat until I feel burnt out –> take some time off running and usually skip out on a race I had planned on being a goal race because I was tired

When I started working with my current coach I was really adamant about creating seasons and taking planned periods of rest to prevent burn out so I was really happy to hear he was on the same page. This week has been my rest week after my mini road racing season that ended with the Cypress Run 10K. Next week I start training for some fall halfs, XC races and eventually the CIM Marathon, but for now I’m LOVING being in rest week mode!

Fun Running Related Deliveries

Even though it’s rest week I’ve gotten some pretty exciting running related packages in the mail this week. The first thing that arrived was the Milestone Pod. It’s a shoe pod that you click onto the laces of your sneaker and it analyzes your gait/form/efficiency. I will definitely be sharing more about it once I get to wear it out on some runs!

I also got my first order from Run in Rabbit! I got two pairs of shorts (the Catch Me if you Can and the Legs) and two tops (the Bunny Hop & the Crop Hop). I tried everything on yesterday and am soooo excited to try it during my runs next week. The material is so incredibly comfortable and feels like its going to be great for wicking sweat.  I also got a visor which I worn around yesterday and love so much already. Especially because the band is stretchy and so comfortable!

Mid-Week Date Night

On Wednesday night Henri and I went to see his favorite soccer team, Manchester City, play Real Madrid at the LA Coleseum. It was only the second time we’ve gotten to see them play and even though it meant a late night and driving in two hours of LA traffic to get to the stadium it was worth it to see the expression on Henri’s face each time ManCity scored a goal!

Lavinia’s First Ponytail

It may be itty-bitty and not even visible from the front but I think it is the cutest thing in the world! I can’t wait until her hair is long enough to style every day.

An Exciting Blog Related Project – that I get to share with you soon!

For the past month or so I’ve been working on my most exciting blog-related project to date! I’ve been holding off on mentioning it until things were solidified but I’ll get to announce it next week so I thought it was about time for a teaser πŸ˜‰ Make sure to check back next Tuesday!! 

What are some of your favorites from the week?

Have you ever tried Run in Rabbit? If so, what are your favorite pieces from them?

Any fun plans for the weekend?