Happy Halloween + Trick-or-Treating at the OC ZOO

Happy Halloween!

Lavinia and her best bud are both elephants this year!

Henri is working late tonight so we made sure to celebrate Halloween early this past weekend. We dressed Lavinia up in her elephant costume and headed to the OC Zoo for their Halloween Zootacular. We went to this event on a whim last year and loved it so decided we had to return. It is a really small zoo that only has animals indigenous to California which is great for Lavinia because it only takes about an hour (if that) to see all the animals. They also decorate the animals’ cages with jack-o-lanterns & Halloween decorations and some of the animals are even dressed up in costume!


They have a bunch of little trick-or-treating stations around the zoo manned by high school and college aged volunteers. Lavinia was a little shy and was reluctant to grab candy out of their bowls but when they would hand her a piece she did a great job of placing it in her jack-o-lantern candy basket. (side note: growing up we used pillow cases to hold our candy and I ALWAYS wanted one of these pumpkin baskets so when I saw it in the $1 section at Target last year I HAD to buy it for Liv 😉 ).


I’m looking forward to coming back year after year because they have even more activities for the kiddos as they get older – like a scavenger hunt and crafting stations! 

Lavinia’s favorite part was definitely the petting zoo area. She was obsessed with the goats and especially loved watching Henri feed them out of his hand. I was actually quite impressed that she wasn’t terrified of them because they were really aggressive looking for food but she just found them hilarious.  

It was so much fun to see all the little kids in their costumes, Liv thought the big kids were so interesting and loved all the attention she got because of her elephant costume! 

It was a very warm day so after about 1 hour we loaded up the car and headed to one of my favorite coffee shops nearby for lunch.

Overall, we had a great time trick-or-treating with our wild, little elephant!

the face of a hot, tired & hungry elephant lol

Hope you had a wonderful Halloween too!

What did you and/or your little one(s) dress up as this year?