I’m Back!

I’m training again (not just running)!! I started working with a new coach who has helped one of my friends run some massive PR’s this past year, I actually have some races on the schedule, school is almost over (can I get a hallelujah!?) AND I’m finally in a groove with this whole full-time working mama gig!

So yeah, I’m back!! And hopefully better than ever!

Let’s get caught up on the past few months real quick…

Lavinia and I ran the Surf City Half Marathon! I had signed up for this race in the last months of my pregnancy as my goal race and motivation to get back in shape after baby but I wasn’t anywhere near PR shape so I had fun with it and ran with Liv in the stroller. It was so much fun to have her experience a race with me and seeing her little face in front of me the whole time really pushed me to keep going! And I did end up running a PR after all… a stroller half marathon PR of 1:37:43!

Liv was pretty proud of her first race medal…


My part-time coaching gig turned into a full time job overnight! It’s been a major adjustment and I wasn’t quite ready to be gone from Lavinia for 40 hours a week but I do LOVE coaching and it’s been really rewarding to be more of an integral part of the team and coaching staff.


I finished my second to last semester of grad school – now I’m just one class and one comprehensive test away from graduating!



I ran my first track race since college and surprised myself with a 17:34! My goal going into the race was just to break 18 minutes so I was really excited to find out that my “starting point” for the training cycle ahead is better than I thought it would be!

Of course the only two pictures I have from the race are the one Henri took of his computer screen while he was watching the race from home…



… and this Instastory snap from one of my athletes. #bloggerfail


I have  three road races coming up this summer and then will roll into some cross country & half marathon training for the fall. Next on tap is the Laguna Hills Memorial Day 5K!

laguna hills

And now we’re all caught up! đŸ˜€