Lavinia Grace: 6 Month Update

Lavinia has been 6 months old for over a week now and I’m just getting around to recapping this month, things have been crazy around here and Liv and I are trying to soak up every last moment with Daddy at home before he started working again this weekend.


Anyways, let’s dive right on into this update!

STATS: At Liv’s 6 month check up on Friday she was 14lbs 11oz and 25 1/4 inches long…. she grew a CRAZY amount in the past two months! She has officially grown out of all her 3 month outfits and is in 3-6 and 6 months sizes. She is still wearing size 2 disposables at night and her daytime cloth diapers are still on the smallest rise although we’ve been finding the past week or so that we have to button them a snap or two looser around, baby girl is growing fast!


EATING: Breastfeeding is still going really well, and luckily for me Lavinia is consistently stretching out the time between her feedings to be close to 4 hours almost every time. After an almost two month break from practice/work over the holidays I’m back at practice in the mornings and have one day of office hours in the afternoon but if I feed her right before I go to work she is generally able to last until I get home to nurse again instead of needing a bottle while I am gone. This has lifted a great weight off of my shoulders because I don’t have a large stock of frozen milk and I would much rather nurse than pump. To all the working mamas that pump on a regular/full time basis – I applaud you!  

This month we tried reintroducing some “solids” (more like purees) and Liv’s tongue thrust reflex was completely gone. She has solids about 4-5 days a week and we’ve really enjoyed watching her experience new foods. I’m planning to do a mix of purees and Baby Led Weaning and we gave tried her first finger foods on her 6th Month “Birthday” – sweet potato spears with cinnamon. She was very intrigued and loved picking them up and playing with them even if not much made it into her mouth!


SLEEP: I feel like I jinxed myself last month when I said it seemed as if we had nearly avoided the 4 month sleep regression. Just days after she hit 5 months Liv was up 2-3 times a night. It may have had something to do with our crazy schedule during the holidays, all the travel we were doing or a growth spurt but for almost this whole month I felt a bit like a zombie from lack of sleep. The past two weeks have been going much better so I’m crossing my fingers that we are through the worst of it but my oh my that was hard!

Her naps were really affected by holiday activities and travel this month but the last two weeks leading up to her 6th month “birthday” we were able to settle back into a routine and she has regulated pretty well with a good morning and afternoon naps (usually 1:30-2 hour). So so thankful for that because her napping schedule really allows me to plan my days/get stuff done around the house.



  • “standing” up – sometimes when you try to make her sit she REFUSES!
  • playing in her activity center
  • bath time
  • going for walks
  • being in her Ergo or Moby wrap (especially when she gets to face out in her wrap)
  • sleeping
  • babbling
  • peek-a-boo
  • butternut squash, sweet potatoes, mango, avocado, quinoa cereal
  • when people blow raspberries at her


  • peas!
  • getting out of the bath tub when it’s cold


  • first time sitting up unassisted 
  • first time walking in her walker
  • first CHRISTMAS
  • first soccer ball
  • first time visiting Pepperdine (mommy and daddy’s alma mater!)
  • first wedding
  • first baby shower(s)
  • first trip to Massachusetts
  • first time meeting my Great Grandma & Grandpa (92 & 90), my Great-Aunts & Uncles, some of my MA cousins and lots of mommy’s friends
  • first IKEA trip 😉
  • first hike
  • first finger foods


  • how happy she is in the mornings
  • when she gets excited and does this adorable sniffing thing 
  • the way she pounds on her high chair when she wants another bite of food “right now!”
  • her determination to learn how to crawl (she’s not quite there yet but she tries so so hard!)
  • our nursing-time snuggles, she is getting less and less snuggly other times of the day but when she’s nursing she still loves to cuddle up close and I LOVE it



6 month faves


We are crazy about this silly girl of ours, and can’t believe that we are closer to her first birthday now than we are to her birth-day! :O