My New Training Buddy + Training Summary: 12/25-31/2017

Happy New Year’s!

Do you have any fun plans for tonight? We’re having our friends over for a sleepover so our girls can go down to bed at their normal time and we can *attempt* to make it to midnight together. (#thatmomlife am I right?) Luckily – I have a rest day tomorrow so if we do stay up past our bedtime I can sleep in tomorrow! 

Henri and I decided that we had to finish the year on a high note and I have a new running buddy to introduce you to today! 

This is Copper – our new 6-month old Vizsla mix. He is beyond sweet and I’m looking forward to our miles together in 2018! Ever since we had to rehome Finn after Lavinia was born (he became very aggressive towards her, me and Henri after Lavinia joined our family) we knew that we would get a second dog at some point but the timing just had to be right. When we found Copper we knew he was the one! He’s our dream breed, a puppy AND a rescue (a hard to come by combination). I’m sure he’ll be making frequent appearances around here so I wanted to make sure he got a proper introduction. 🙂

Now – for this week’s training summary. Week #2 back after CIM and slowly but surely starting to build my mileage up. My coach has been very gentle to me so far so I’m guessing things are about to get real this coming week. ha!

Training Summary: 12/25-31/2017

Monday – 6 miles easy @ 7:50 pace

Tuesday – 7 miles easy with my sister @ 7:19

Wednesday – 6 miles easy @ 7:37 pace

Thursday – Rest/Travel Day

Friday – 7 miles easy @ 7:30 pace

Saturday – 6 miles easy @ 7:45 pace (ran without a GPS watch)

Sunday – 10 miles easy @ 7:30ish pace (ran without GPS watch)


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  • How stinkin cute! Oh my gosh. I’ve always wanted a dog to run with. Now I don’t want a dog at all because our house is too tiny, lol. I was so excited when I lived at home and my brother got a dog while living at home. Then his dog was a turd and wouldn’t run, lol. Love that you rescued him, too.

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