Our Family Word of the Year

Happy 2018 friends!

After a wonderful (and long) break it’s back to normal around here today. I so enjoyed our time together but I’m definitely ready to get back into a routine. Yesterday was a rest day but I still wanted to kick the year off in an active way so Henri and I loaded up Lavinia and the dogs and met his parents at a nearby park where they were camping. A gentle, 45 minute family hike was just what I needed!

The past week or so I’ve spent time reflecting on our word of the year for 2017 – rooted. At the beginning of this year I was a little burnt out after years and years of change and was longing for our family to put down roots. I’m so pleased to be sitting here a year later feeling much more rooted and secure in where we are. In the past 12 months my job has become full-time (and it’s the first time since graduating college that I’ve stayed in the same job past the 1 year mark –> and I see no end in sight!), we bought our first house, we’ve grown closer to friends in our community and have become more rooted in who we are as a family. Over the last year I have become more content and am not always looking ahead to the “next thing” while missing out on what is right in front of me. I hope to continue to hold onto this outlook in 2018 and beyond while also shifting my main focus to our family word of the year for 2018…


It’s not that our life is overly busy or complicated but I’ve been convicted that there are a lot of areas in which I could minimize something in order to maximize something better! And our move this year has definitely made me realize how much unnecessary crap we have that we don’t need (old clothes we never wear, worn out shoes, textbooks from college, IKEA cookware that we haven’t used since we got married and were gifted MUCH nicer stuff, etc.).

This year the Floris Fam is going to be focusing on paring things down and simplifying our life. We won’t be adding anything crazy to our plate this year – especially since the baby train has been put on hold until after the 2020 Trials – so we want to set a firm and simple foundation for what we want our life to look like so that we have a solid base on which to build as we add new family members and responsibilities in years to come. 

Some specifics that I’ll be focusing on are…

  • minimizing commitments in order to maximize my time for the things I choose to focus on.
  • minimize our material things – ie. minimize the amount of time we spend doing laundry/dishes/cleaning the house and maximize our family time.
  • minimize spending to maximize saving (and paying off debts)
  • minimize time mindlessly using social media and watching television to maximize my productivity!

I’m really looking forward to where this process and this year will take us as a family, 2018 – we’re ready for you!

What are your goals/resolutions/word for this year?

Want to have a word of the year but don’t know where to start? I used this quiz from DaySpring Cards to help me determine my word. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Our Family Word of the Year”

  • Happy New Year, Lauren!

    My goals and resolutions this year revolve around focus, de-cluttering and less distraction.

    I haven’t finalized my word of the year, but think it may be GLORY. I’d like to focus my attention on God’s glory and what that means.

  • Hi again!

    I may have to change my word of the year … JOY was a close second, and based on the link to the quiz you provided, it was confirmed that this is my word … maybe I’ll have to have 2 this year??

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