Pumpkin Patching with Friends

October-December is my favorite time of year, I love fall – cross country, crisp weather (at least where I grew up), the approaching holidays and LOTS of family activities. Because of my job our weekends in the fall are pretty jam packed – I’m currently traveling every other weekend until Thanksgiving and my marathon training has me doing some pretty long runs on either Saturday or Sunday. Despite everything we already have going on Henri and I have made it a point to do something fun as a family each weekend.

This past Saturday we went to the pumpkin patch at a CalPoly Pomona, a college nearby, with some friends from church. Even though it was pushing 95* it was fun to watch the girls play in with the pumpkins and actually engage in some of the activities they had set out for the kids. I feel like outings like this can get unreasonably expensive but this was a great, affordable pumpkin patch – entrance was free, the pumpkins were only $5 each (so obviously you HAVE to get a huge one!) and all of the kid activities were free!

We were one weekend too late for the Pumpkin Festival that happens adjacent to the pumpkin patch so next year we may have to make sure we check that out because it included a petting zoo and some other fun activities that weren’t out the day that we went. 

We left with three pumpkins… dusty, tired and having had a fun fall adventure with friends. I’d call that a success.

What is your favorite fall activity to do with your family?