San Diego Weekend Recap& CIM Marathon Training Week 3

Happy Monday!

This weekend was jam packed for us, so it’s no wonder that Henri, Liv and I all woke up with a cold this morning. 

Our weekend started bright and early with a 4am wake-up call on Saturday. I had to set up for the 5k fundraiser that my team was putting on at 5:15 and since Henri was racing it we all drove in one car together.

I toted Liv around with me in our Ergo carrier while Henri warmed up and got ready to race. I totally thought she’d fall back asleep but she was wide awake and super interested in everything that was going on around her.

Henri had a great race – 3rd place in 18:36! Which is a post-collegiate PR for him and almost a minute faster than the 5k he ran on 4th of July!

After the race we helped clean up and headed home for Lavinia’s nap time. We did some chores around the house, I did my shake out run and strides and we loaded up the car to head to San Diego for race #2 of the weekend!

We got a little bit of a later start than we had planned on so we drove straight to the expo when we got to San Diego. We picked up my bib and t-shirt but didn’t spend much time walking around the different booths. 

After the expo we headed to our hotel to check in. We stayed at the Westin in the Gaslamp District because we had points and it was so, so nice! Liv definitely approved of the beds.

We didn’t have much time to enjoy our room before we were off again to meet some friends for dinner at BIGA. It was amazing! The breads and pastas were all really tasty. I would definitely recommend! I got pasta with a light cream based sauce and prosciutto and ate lots of Caesar salad and bread. It was a great pre-race meal and we loved getting to share it with good friends!

After dinner we headed back to our hotel to put Liv down to bed. Since we had been so up so early and had another early morning ahead of us we went to bed not long after her and were both asleep by 8:30p.

Sunday I was up bright and early for my race – I’ll do a full recap later this week but it went really well! I was hoping to break 1:20 but am really happy with a 1 minute PR and 6th place finish in 1:20:22.

After the race I did a short, sloooow cool-down and then we enjoyed some of the food they had out for us in the elite area. (<- such a cool perk!) We didn’t hang around too long because Liv was getting tired so we headed back to the hotel for showers and naps before brunch.

For brunch we tried out a new place (new to us) called Cafe 21. We love going down to San Diego because the food scene is incredible, and Cafe 21 was no different. They were also cry baby friendly which is so nice.

I got the seasonal French Toast and Henri got the lamb omelet. Liv ate a little of both but clearly was really excited about the omelet!

We headed home after brunch and had a busy afternoon of chores around the house. Henri even built me a garden in the backyard!

We sooo tired by the end of the night we couldn’t bring ourselves to stay up for Game of Thrones. Sooo not like us, but I guess that’s the sign of a full, fun weekend. 

Training Summary: 8/14/2017-8/20/2017

Monday – 8 miles @ 7:18 pace 

Tuesday – 9.3 mile workout

2 mile warm-up, 6 mile tempo @ 6:05 pace, 1.3 mile cool-down

Wednesday – 8 miles @ 7:12 pace

Thursday – 8.2 mile “light fartlek” workout (average pace = 7:17)

20 minutes easy, 20 minutes alternating 1 min hard/1 min easy, 20 minutes easy

Friday – 6.5 miles @ 7:49 pace

Saturday – 4 miles @ 8:05 pace + 4x 50m strides

Sunday – 15 mile race day

1 mile warm-up, half marathon race in 1:20:22, 1 mile cool-down

TOTAL MILES: 59 miles