Super Bowl Weekend & Training Summary

Happy Monday! 

Who else is starting the week off tired? I totally feel for all my friends and family on the east coast because I can’t imagine having to stay up until 10:30 plus to watch the end of the Super Bowl. Super Bowl Sunday is always one of those days that makes me thankful to live on the West Coast. We’re tired over here because the combo of a half marathon and the Super Bowl in one day is extra exhausting… especially when you care about the game and can’t take a nap. 

Our Sunday started bright and early for the Surf City Half Marathon – I’ll have a full recap up later this week but I didn’t end up hitting any of the 3 goals I set out to hit but after debriefing it with Henri and my coach I’m still pretty happy with how it went. 

The rest of our day was enjoyable (besides the Pats’ loss) and included brunch at one of our favorite spots in Orange County, Plums Cafe, I got their pancakes, eggs and bacon breakfast with the raspberry pancakes. They were so so yummy!

Then Liv and I both fit in an afternoon nap before the game started and Henri took Copper to the dog park to get out some energy. I woke up with an hour to go before the game so I got busy putting together our Super Bowl snacks. Liv was really into the guacamole and went to town on the cheese platter. She even tried and liked the olives, which made Henri very happy. 

While I’m bummed about the outcome of the game it was a good competition and I really enjoyed watching it with our little family. It’s just what we needed after a busy morning out in the sun. 🙂

And since I didn’t get the chance to share it yesterday because of all of the excitement mentioned above here’s my training summary from last week.

Training Summary: 1/29/2018-2/4/2018

Monday – Rest Day

Tuesday – [am] 9 miles @ 7:43 pace [pm] mini-band exercises & core

Wednesday – 12 mile workout [2 mile warm-up, 4x 2 miles @ 5:55, 5:53, 5:53, 5:48 avg paces w/ 2 minute jogging rest, cool-down to 12 miles] 

Thursday – 9 miles @ 7:33 pace

Friday – [am] 7 mile stroller run @ 7:56 pace [pm] mini-band exercises

Saturday – 4 mile shake out @ 8:30 pace

Sunday – 16.7 mile race day [2 mile warm-up, half marathon @ 1:19:06, 1.6 mile cool-down]


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