Thinking Out Loud Thursday

Hi Friends!

It’s been awhile since I did a Thinking Out Loud post so I thought it would be fun to join in with Amanda today and share a few random things that have been going on in our world recently.

1 – On Monday this week my cross country team was recognized at halftime of the men’s basketball game so I brought Liv with me to the game. I thought it would be a struggle to wrangle her during the game, but you guys… she loved it! She was dancing to the hype music, clapped when the pep band finished songs and kept shouting “ball, ball” when the team made a basket. Who knew we had a little basketball fan on our hands. 

2 – We didn’t have practice this morning and I feel like a completely new person after getting almost 11 hours of sleep! (I fell asleep with Liv at 7:30 haha). I really don’t mind the early mornings for my job but, man oh man, sometimes it’s really nice to sleep in!

3 – When I’m making dinner I tend to put on an episode of Doc McStuffins for Liv but she doesn’t really like to watch TV by herself so she would usually end up in the kitchen with me anyways asking me to hold her. I’ve recently discovered that it’s easier to distract her (and free myself up to cook) if I give her an activity to do in the kitchen. One day it was just a couple tupperwares of water and a few wooden spoons, one day I made homemade playdoh (that stuff is seriously easy to make!) but her favorite so far was a muffin tin with different colors of slime. This kept her occupied long enough for me to make dinner and clean up the kitchen a little bit.

4 – ALL OF MY FRIENDS ARE HAVING BABIES! In fact one of my friends had her second on Tuesday so Liv’s best friend is now a big sister! I can’t wait to hold her and soak up some newborn snuggles! On top of that 3 of my good running friends are all due this summer, not helping with the baby fever ladies, not helping at all. 😉

5 – It has been crazy hot here in Southern California and I’m not liking it one bit. I’m sure that those of you who live in the colder areas of the country are rolling your eyes at me right now but it’s going to be 87 here today, that’s way too hot for February. Nevertheless, I’m thinking we might have to take advantage and go to the beach this weekend if it stays this hot. 

6 – I think 18 months is officially my favorite age so far. Liv has a lot of words, is starting to demonstrate an imagination, with play with friends and is just so much fun! 

7 – My and Henri’s 5 year wedding anniversary is coming up this summer and we want to do something BIG! We’re thinking a trip just us two to Europe but we want to go somewhere neither of us has ever been. So far we’ve been to Paris, southern France, Germany (specifically Munich area), Monaco, Italy, and England. So we’re thinking The Netherlands and/or Norway. Any other travelers out there – do you have any suggestions? Where are your must see cities/countries?? 

Your turn! What are you thinking about this Thursday? 

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