Training Summary: 2/5-11/2018

Training this week was pretty solid. My Wednesday workout was hard but I got through it and hit my paces, so I’m really happy with how it went. I was kind of laughing at myself in the middle of the whole thing because whenever I complain about marathon training my go-to explination is “I’d rather run 5 or 6x 1 mile repeats faster and harder than run 10x mile repeats at a “slower” pace” and I was definitely eating my words during that workout. I’m really looking forward to the shorter distances races I have coming up. I’m especially looking forward to killing a 10K because I’ve essentially tied my PR in the first 10K of each of my last 3 half marathons… and then went on to run 7 more miles. ha

The only thing that I would have improved from this week is that my ancillary cardio and strength training was pretty poor. This coming week I’m scheduling which days I’m going to get those things in so I don’t let the week pass me by. I may even be getting in the pool for some cross training!

Training Summary

Monday: 8 miles @ 7:44 pace + mini-band exercises

Tuesday: 9 miles @ 7:44 pace + 30 min core and strength session

Wednesday: 11 mile workout [2 mile warm-up, 6x 1 mile w/ 3 minutes jogging rest (miles @ 5:31 / 5:30 / 5:29 / 5:30 / 5:27 / 5:26), 1 mile cool-down]

Thursday: [AM] 6 stroller miles @ 8:17 pace [PM] 3 miles @ 7:51 pace

Friday: 9 miles @ 7:36 pace + mini-band exercises

Saturday: 16 mile long run with progression [9.5 miles easy + 6 mile progression (6:26, 6:19, 6:15, 6:05, 6:00, 5;44) + .5 miles easy] overall average 7:12 pace

Sunday: 6 stroller miles @ 8:16 pace + mini-band exercises + core

Total Miles: 68 miles

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  • Wow. This is a GREAT week of training and your workout paces are killer! I can’t wait to see how you perform at your shorter distance races this coming season!

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