What Lavinia Ate: 12 Month Old Meal Ideas

Navigating what to feed your baby can be challenging. I tend to gravitate towards feeding Liv a simplified version (or smaller cut up version) of what Henri and I are eating. It just makes meal time a lot less stressful when you only have to worry about making one thing for everyone.

I love reading about toddler meal ideas so I thought it would be fun to share what I feed Lavinia in a day. So consider today a sort of “What I Ate Wednesday: Baby Edition” – ha!

In the mornings Lavinia and I both wake up hungry so after she nurses (or has her bottle, we’re working on weaning right now) we head straight downstairs for breakfast. It’s important for me that we eat breakfast together because if I focus on just feeding her first I have a hard time eating my breakfast – girlfriend has no patience for her high chair after she’s done eating! In the interest of making sure we eat at the same time and minimizing the clean up afterwards I try to make something that we can both eat, and that Liv can eat with her hands since she is still working on mastering using utensils.

Yesterday morning I opted for scrambled eggs with strawberries and bananas with a slice of buttered toast for me that I ended up sharing with Liv when she noticed I had something she didn’t.


She ate a whole egg, 2 strawberries and half a banana.


What I love the most about Baby Led Weaning is it makes Liv sooo happy to be able to feed herself. I mean… just look at that face! 

I gave Liv a Sprouts patch as a pre-lunch snack on the go since we were out running errands. For store bought pouches I like to stick to veggie-based ones and this Sweet Pea, Carrot, Corn & White Bean Sprouts pouch is great! It it packed with veggies and the white beans add a good amount of protein. 

After errands we went to our friends house for lunch and to swim. I packed myself a yogurt and a PB, banana and honey sandwich. Liv hasn’t had peanut butter yet so she had a plain slice of whole wheat bread in lieu of a sandwich. She also ate about 1/3 of my vanilla Greek yogurt.

Dinner was easy peasy since we had leftovers from our mommy-daughter date to Chiptole on Monday night. Her bowl has rice, beans, steak (that I chopped up smaller than it was), corn salsa, pico and some cheese. I cut up some avocado on top as well. She LOVES the steak from Chipotle which kind of surprised me at first because it’s relatively spicy. I highly recommend trying giving your baby different seasonings and spices because they really help make their food interesting and you’ll be surprised at what they might like. Baby food does not have to be bland! 

And that’s what Lavinia ate in a day! 

Other mamas – what is a food that you were surprised your baby liked?

If you do any BLW – share your meal ideas!