You Know You Moved Back to New England After Living in California for 6 Years When…

Remember all those “You know you _[blank]_ IF _[blank]_” lists/groups that were popping up a few years ago? You know you’re from Boston when…, You know you ran cross country when…, You know you’re a 90’s Disney kid when…, and on and on. Well, over the past month and a half I’ve realized quite a few things that happen when you move back to the East Coast from California so I made a little list of my own. Yes, the name is a little long and convoluted but all the same I bring you…

You Know You Moved Back to New England After Living in California for 6 Years When…

You no longer check the weather forecast everyday. I grew up checking the weather everyday before I left the house but after living in Southern California for 6 years I am so used to 75 and sunny day in and day out that now I have walked outside in shorts only to find that it is 45 degrees more times than I would like to admit.

photoThe existence of mosquitoes is a rudely awakening fact. I managed to avoid these pesky critters for the past six years of my life and actually almost forgot that they even existed. Oh how wrong I was…

–  You realize that humidity might just be the death of you. Hot in California means 90-100 degrees in the dessert and this has become my norm. But after just one week of summer-like weather I remembered that 75 and humid can be worse than 100 degrees of dry heat!

You have a glorious reunion with ice cream! Sure California has frozen yogurt but really NOTHING compares to real authentic ice cream. New England know how to do ice cream right and there is nothing like heading to the local ice cream shop on a summer evening and enjoying a cone outside!

photo 4 (83)

You really want a Starbucks but all you can find is Dunkin’ Donuts EVERYWHERE. Don’t get me wrong, I love Dunkin Donuts! The only thing is that I started drinking coffee just over the past 2 years – aka when I didn’t live anywhere near a Dunkies – and I am a big fan of Starbucks cappuccinos. Also, I have a $50 Starbucks gift card that I need to use up… maybe once I’ve spent it all I’ll become a Dunkin convert?

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Grocery shopping is suddenly much more difficult. In California I would probably go to anywhere from 3-5 grocery stores a week – Walmart for cheap staples like rice and flour, Whole Foods for quality meat and fish, Trader Joe’s for their fun items you can only get there, and Ralph’s for anything else. It was easy when all of these stores were within 2 miles of our apartment (no joke) but it is not as easy to “run to the store” in New England. Bummer.

Waking up in the morning is much easier. At this time of year the sun rises and hour earlier in MA than it does in CA (and also stays out an extra hour at night)! I love this about New England because summer days just last FOREVER! I don’t love it so much in the winter when we have approximately 9 hours of sunlight but for now it’s glorious!

5 am (yes, 5 AM) in MA.
5 am (yes, 5 AM) in MA.

Now I wanna hear yours! Tell me… You know you’re from _[your town/city/state/country/family/sport/whatever]_ when _[blank]_!