Running FAQs Answered – 01

Hi Friends! The past month or so I’ve been getting quite a few of the same questions over and over on Instagram/e-mail/etc. so I figured I’d round up the top 10 and post them here on the blog for anyone else that may be wondering. 🙂

If you have any other questions you’d like me to cover comment on this post, shoot me an e-mail or DM me on Instagram. I’d be happy to answer any questions you have! And if there enough questions I may make this a regular feature on the blog. 

What shoes do you run in?/What shoes do you recommend.

I’ve been running my easy and long runs in the Adidas Energy Boosts for 3 years, they are a great neutral shoe and I really love them. When I’m able to splurge I love to get the Adidas Ultra Boosts and they are even better! Definitely a step up in price but a step up in quality too.

For workouts and races I love the Adidas Adios Boosts and the Adios Boston Boosts. I wore the Adios Boosts for CIM.

Adios Boosts making an appearance in my last long run #garminselfie before CIM

I have a hard time recommending any one pair of shoes because running shoes are not one-shoe-fits-all! Instead I highly recommend visiting your local running store and asking them for a form analysis/shoe recommendations. I’ve always found that the employees at my local running stores are knowledgeable, passionate and very helpful! 

What do you do for strength training?/What’s the best way to balance strength training with running?

We all know that strength training is important for runners but it can be difficult to balance strength training and running in a beneficial way. I believe that if your goal/focus is on running PRs your strength training should be specifically tailored to improve your running. That means that your main focus should be on core, balance, stability, and doing moves that make your running form more efficient. I’m currently working on compiling my “essential strength training” workouts for runners into an e-book and am hoping to shoot the photos for that soon! So keep your eyes peeled for news about that!


What do you eat before you run?/How long before you run do you eat?

It depends on the kind of run I’m doing and how much time I have. I used to do nearly all of my runs at 5am and wouldn’t eat anything beforehand but over the past year and a half I’ve really found that I feel better if I eat a good breakfast and drink coffee before I run. My go to is 2 slices of whole wheat toast with butter and raspberry preserves and a cup of coffee with milk + collagen powder. I typically like to have an hour after I finish this meal before I start my run, but anywhere from 1-3 hours I feel good.

Another good option that I like if I have the time to make it is a bowl of oatmeal with some brown sugar and a banana.

Why do you use collagen powder?/What kind of collagen powder do you use?/How do you use it?

When I first heard about collagen powder I was drawn to it because of it benefits for skin, hair and nails. All of which I was struggling with from my post-baby hormones. I also loved that it was a simple way to add more protein into my diet since I HATE whey + other forms of protein powder (I’m very picky when it comes to the taste of my foods). I’ve noticed improvements in my skin, hair and nails and use it every day as protein for recovery.

I use Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides and put 1 scoop in my morning coffee. I also like to add a scoop or two to smoothies when I make one. I don’t notice the flavor of the collagen at all although Henri claims that he can taste it when he adds it to coffee.

What do you do for work?

My full-time job is as an Assistant Cross Country & Track Coach at California Baptist University. We’ve been kicking butt on the DII level the past few years and next fall we’re going to be joining DI! 

Women’s team after winning West Regionals this fall.

What did you just get your Masters’ in?

In December I graduated from CBU with my Masters in Kinesiology with a concentration in Exercise Science. I started the program in May 2015 so it is so nice to finally have my degree! 

What app do you use to record your training/your athletes’ training?I use the VdotO2 App – it’s great! Easy interface online and in the app, I love it!

Since you love podcasts so much have you thought about starting your own podcast?

Yes! I don’t feel the need to start a running specific podcast though because there are already so many AMAZING running related podcasts out there! However, I do have dreams to start a podcast to accompany the new site my friends and I launched this month – Fit Mama Community. I’m just much more passionate about the topics surrounding motherhood and living a healthy, active lifestyle in general than just running (ironic that I have a running blog then I suppose)

What treadmill do you have?

I received the Pro2000 treadmill from ProForm back in August as part of a partnership with their blog team and I absolute love it. You can read my full review of it on their site here.

Are you currently accepting new coaching clients?

Yes! I currently have a few coaching spots available. I’d love to hear from you if you are looking for a coach or just want to learn more about what my coaching is like! Check out the details of what you get on my coaching page or shoot my an e-mail at

Have a question you’ve been wanting to ask? Let me know in the comments below! 🙂