Wanderlust Wednesday

Wanderlust Wednesday

More long-sleeve running weather yesterday morning and I am loving it!I even stopped for a photo-op in the middle of my 8 miles because this view was too pretty not to capture!Red leaves are my favorite even when they are full of holes…?? I cannot believe that it is 100 degrees in California right now! Our 50 and chilly […]

It Feels Like Fall

HEYO! Happy Monday! First off I have to say CONGRATULATIONS to two of my athletes that had ah-mazing races this weekend!  On Saturday Kyndal (<- go check out her blog) ran the Last Chance BQ Marathon in Grand Rapids and not only ran a HUGE 39 minute PR but also qualified for the Boston Marathon with […]

Sunday & Sundaes

Yesterday felt like the first real rest day that I’ve had in weeks! Recently I’ve been taking my day off from running during the week when I still have to go to work so it was great to sleep in and really spend the day relaxing! One of those cans of pumpkin that I bought […]