10 Things Tuesday

Hello there! Happy Tuesday – I hope your week is going well so far. Mine has been relaxing in the mornings and busy in the afternoons/evenings. That isn’t usually my normal speed but I’m starting to get used to it. 

Grad school got pretty busy the last two weeks (I think in preparation for the Thanksgiving holiday coming up) and I had an 8 page paper due for my Ethics class last Thursday and a giant test for my Musckuloskeletal Adaptations to Training class last night. Needless to say, I’ve spent 99% of the last week working on school work.

Today I’m popping in to share a little bit about our weekend/Monday in an easy list form. Let’s call it “10 Things Tuesday”! :) 


1. First off, and most importantly, THE BOYS TEAM MADE IT TO CIF-FINALS!!!! They placed in the top 8 of their prelim race and ran some amazing times along the way! I was running around like crazy cheering them on during their race that I didn’t snag any pics but I did grab a pic of my coconut donut from the coaches’ table – YUM!IMG_0695

2. Are anyone else’s dogs as weird as ours? Please tell me I’m not the only one! The other day Finn sat like this (with his butt on my shoulder) for a good half an hour… like, what???


3. Henri had to help his dad with a house project on Saturday afternoon so I dragged my SIL, Monet, to the musical at the school where I coach. They did SHREK, which you’d think would be hard to turn into a musical but actually ended up being amazing! The kids are super talented and the script had us laughing the whole night!


4. I spotted a new ice cream place during my run the other day so Sunday night Henri and I decided to try it out! It was a really cool spot, they use liquid nitrogen to freeze your ice cream right there, and the ice cream turned out super creamy. I got the banana with brownie which was delicious and Henri got Snickers ice cream with fruity pebbles mixed in. We’ll definitely be back for more!


5. I ran my first race with the Jane’s on Sunday morning. It was nothing to write home about – especially since I wasn’t feeling good (at all) but it sure was nice to have a team to run with again!


6. Henri and I took an impromptu trip to IKEA this weekend and I spotted this rug. How cute would this be for a mini running fan??


7. I’m in charge of pies for Thanksgiving with Henri’s family this year and I am TOTALLY doing this for my apple pie crust. How fancy is that!??


8. Lazy Monday mornings call for cinnamon rolls & bacon. That is just a fact!IMG_0721

9. Hikes have really become one of our favorite family activities. Yesterday we took the pups for a hike in a new-to-me trail in town and had so much fun exploring somewhere new. This park has an incredible trail network, and I can’t wait to explore the rest of the trails!


10. The items in the checkout lane at Trader Joe’s always distract me when I’m waiting in line and yesterday these caught my eye. I wasn’t so sure about the turkey part but I LOVE stuffing and since they were only $1.99 I scooped them up. Best decision I ever made!! These are seriously so good, they are thin, crispy and the flavoring is actually really tasty!


Tell me something about your weekend!!

What is your favorite holiday item at Trader Joe’s?


Coffee Date Catch Up

Well hello there!

I feel like this blog has turned into my middle school diary in which nearly every entry would start with “sorry it’s been so long since the last time I wrote”. I promise I’ll get back on track soon but for now, how about a coffee date catch up on the last month or so!?

So grab a mug of something warm and settle in for a little coffee date catch up because I have a lot to share!


Most importantly – HENRI’S HOME! After two months apart it sure is nice to have him back. Also, the best part is he has a break from work for the entire month of November! 


Since he’s been home we’ve gotten in a lot of family walks with the pups.

IMG_0418It sure helps that the weather has cooled off the past few weeks. This morning it was 45* when we woke up!


My favorite hike was this last Saturday – we checked out a new trail and at the top of the hill you get a really cool view of our city! I love how many trails there are to explore here in SoCal!


Of course all the hiking has required some good post-workout fueling! Henri was pretty sick of Greek food by the end of his trip so we’ve made sure to get some of his favorites…

Cafe Rio – Barbacoa salad for me and Steak Burrito for him.




And of course some of his parents’ BBQ chicken & carne asada. :)



I received by Boston Confirmation of Acceptance in the mail last week!!! So excited to run again after missing out this year! šŸ˜€


Remember that half marathon I was supposed to run 2 1/2 weeks ago? Well I started feeling kinda sick the Friday before, felt a bit better on Saturday and went to pick up my bib, and then woke up to my alarm at 4:30 race morning feeling worse! Since my entry was comped because of my time I didn’t feel it was worth the drive up to LA if I was going to slog through the race… womp womp. And I was really digging bib # too… :/


And last but not least on the running front. I ran into one of my old college coaches during the Eco 8K I did back in October and she invited me to run in the SoCal XC champs this Sunday and in the Club Nats in December!! I’m excited for the challenge and to have a team to race with for a bit!

My high school XC kids had their last race, league finals, this past Friday and our varsity boys qualified for CIF-SS Prelims this Saturday! #proudcoach

And since I can’t post and of the many many pictures I took of the kids at the meet, here’s a pic of the cake pop I enjoyed during the awards ceremony! :)


What’s the most exciting thing that happened this past month?? Fill me in!

Training Summary: 9/28/2015-10/4/2015

Hi there! Hope you’re having a great Sunday so far! Mine has been busy in the best of ways – I was up at 5am to drive into LA for an 8K race (more on that later), grabbed coffee at my favorite shop, went to church and tidied up the apartment!
IMG_9709[1]Just popping in to share my training summary from the week. Talk to you soon! :)

Training Summary: 9/21/2015-9/27/2015

Monday: 7.10 miles easy @ 7:29 pace

Tuesday: [AM] 6.01 miles easy @ 7:55 pace // [PM] 3.65 miles easy @ 8:30 pace with my varsity girls’ team 


Wednesday: 7.16 mile workout [2 mile warm-up, 5 mins hard @ 5:43 pace/2.5 mins easy/4 mins hard @ 5:44 pace/2 mins easy/3 mins hard @ 5:35 pace/1.5 mins easy/2 mins hard @ 5:28 pace/1 min easy/1 min hard @ 5:22 pace, 2 mile cool-down] 7:00 average pace 

Thursday: 7.01 miles easy @ 7:48 pace 

Friday: 7.06 mile progression run [3.53 miles @ 7:06 pace//3.53 miles @ 6:41 pace] 6:54 average pace

Saturday: 4.26 miles @ 7:34 pace [4 miles easy + 4x 50m strides]


Sunday: 8.71 mile race day [1.7 mile warm-up,  8K/4.96 mile RACE @ 30:00, 2.05 mile cool-down] 6:58 average pace

The Best News & A Denver Weekend

The BEST thing happened yesterday – two of my favorite folks got ENGAGED!! Court and I go wayyyy back to middle school XC and even ran Chicago together last year! I’m so excited for her and Matt and think I speak for everyone when I say “FINALLY!” šŸ˜‰


I got home from Denver late last night. It was a quick trip but any chance to see family is always worth the time and travel. My sister BIL and I had a great time iand fit in a LOT in the 48 hours we had. Time for a little “weekend in pictures” dontcha think?? šŸ˜€

Once a year my sister makes homage croissants and I just happened to perfectly time my visit this year. Chocolate croissants with pumpkin butter = bomb!


Iced Latte @ Steam. I’ve been wanting to go here ever since I read this article – craving fulfilled!


Found this print in a cute little shop and came *this* close to buying it! Adorable!


Quick snack at Oktoberfest- 10 pierogi split 3 ways


Post-run candid with Hayley – love and miss this gal!





Our breakfast spread at Four Friends Kitchen.


Beignet “appetizer” – sooooo good!


Got lost in a corn maze!


But still had fun!


Snuggles with MOCHA!!! <3


How was your weekend??

Training Summary: 9/21/2015-9/27/2015

Hello from beautiful and warm Denver, CO! I’m enjoying my weekend with my sister and brother-in-law and can’t believe I’m heading back to Cali tonight!! I thought I’d pop in with a quick summary of my training this past week! 

Enjoy the last little bit of your weekend!

Training Summary: 9/21/2015-9/27/2015

Monday: 8 miles easy @ 7:26 pace + core

Tuesday: 9.07 mile workout [2 mile warm-up, 4x 1 mile repeats @ 5:35, 5:28, 5:27, 5:36 w/ 400m jogging rest, 2 mile cool-down] 7:03 average pace


Wednesday: 8 miles easy @ 7:52 pace + core and upper body weights

Thursday: 9 mile workout [4 miles easy @ 8:14 pace + 4 miles up-tempo @ 6:19 pace + 1 mile cool-down @ 8:09 pace] 7:23 average pace 

Friday: LONG RUN // 12.02 miles @ 7:42 pace {super duper hot that I drank my entire water backpack and was still thirsty so I had to stop at Jack In The Box for a water cup!}

Saturday: rest day from running // went to CrossFit w/ my sister and did the following workout:

3x [500m row//60 jump ropes//10 kettle bell swings//10 ring rows]


We were done in 15 minutes but i was literally soooo sore and tired after! 

Sunday: 8.02 miles easy @ 7:42 pace with HAYLEY!!!


It’s Friday….

[Friday, Friday, Friday OH!!] …. and I can’t for the life of me get Rebecca Black out of my head! Talk about a Friday flashback! 

Anyyyyyways – the reason I can’t help but be so excited for the weekend is that after practice tonight I’m hopping on a plane to Denver to visit my sis and bro-in-law. We have big plans of corn mazes, Crossfit, homemade croissants and coffee shops! It’s going to be a fun few days…. maybe even as fun as our rafting adventure in Wyoming last summer! haha





I wanted to fit in all of my important runs for the week before I headed off for the weekend – that way I can fit in as much sister time as possible. Add that to feeling sick on Monday and you get 3 key workouts in 4 days!

To make it work I bumped yesterday’s planned tempo run down to a fast finish run… 4 miles easy + 4 miles “up-tempo” + 1 mile easy/cool-down. I took it to my favorite canyon trail so the first half was uphill and the second half was downhill.


4 miles @ 8:14 pace

4 miles @ 6:19 average pace (6:36, 6:12, 6:18, 6:09)

1 mile @ 8:09 pace

For a total of 9 miles @ 7:23 pace – now just to get my long run in today and then I have a rest day and easy run in Denver!!

You know it was a hot one when you drink you’re entire {25 oz.} water bottle within 5 seconds of finishing your run. Fall… where are you?


While it might not feel like fall I cooked up the perfect autumn meal for dinner to ring in the new season. Butternut squash ravioli (from Trader Joe’s) w/ butter, sage and Parmesan + roasted Brussels Sprouts –> ah-mazing!!! If you haven’t tried these they’re a MUST! 

IMG_9593Henri says “hi” from Greece – only 30 MORE DAYS! šŸ˜€


Have a great Friday/weekend!

Do you have any fun plans for the weekend?

What is your favorite fall food/treat?


Mile Repeats + I think we need a farm

Tuesday morning I woke up feeling like a million bucks – so after teaching bootcamp at the gym I headed to one of my favorite state parks to knock out some mile repeats!

imageI had 4x 1 mile on the schedule so after a 2 mile warm-up I got down to business – my goal range for the workout was 5:30-5:35 w/ 400m jogging rest.

What actually went down:






That last repeat was rough – especially since my legs were starting to feel heavy by the end. After my watch beeped signalling the end of my last mile I just laid down on the running trail for a second because I was so pooped!


Overall I was really happy with how the workout went. My half marathon at the end of October is really creeping up on me so I was glad to put in a good effort and see that my fitness may actually be in a good place right now! I’d really like to go sub-1:21 at Rock ‘N’ Roll LA and think that these miles were a good indicator that that might actually be a possibility!

I took my recovery miles nice and SLOW yesterday and even ran past this little farm on the way.


Clover says hi!

IMG_9554After my run I drove up to Pasadena for the afternoon to visit my friend and her new puppy. He is the sweetest little thing ever!! You can officially add Australian Shepard to my dream dogs list — with all the dogs that Henri and I want I think we might need a farm to house them all! :) haha


For lunch we checked out this cute coffee shop, Lavendar and Honey. I got the Italiano sandwich [ah-mazing!] and the Honeybee Latte which was really good but a little too sweet for my taste! The honey sweetener added a really unique taste but I could have done with about half of the amount.


Overall, a great little gem of a coffee shop!

What is your favorite kind of dog? While I LOVE Finn and Laci, I can’t wait for the day that we own a bigger place so that we can get a Viszla! They are my dream running buddy dog!

What is your hardest workout this week?

PS – 31 days until Henri is home!!!



GOOD LUCK & 33 days!

Man – getting into Boston is getting harder every year! According to this article there were only 5,000 spots left for time qualifiers after last week’s registration. That’s just crazy!

GOOD LUCK to all of those that had to wait until this week to register/apply – my fingers are crossed for you!

Yesterday’s workout was supposed to be mile repeats but when I woke up with nausea and a headache I swapped it out for 8 miles easy on the treadmill <– so I could stop ASAP if necessary.


If I wake up feeling 100% this morning those mile repeats are going down!

In other news – the “days until Henri gets home” countdown is down to 33! We’re almost halfway there! [WOOT!] Now, I don’t like to wish time away but I canNOT wait to see this face in person!!!  

IMG_9323Doesn’t make it any easier when he sends me pictures of his adventures like this…

IMG_9334… or this!


Can you say – jealous!? Some day I will go to Greece and see all these things too! It’s gonna happen! :)

Well, I’m off to **hopefully** run some mile repeats! Have a great Tuesday!

What places are on your must-visit list? Greece is up there but my #1 place is Norway since I’m Norwegian!

Did you sign up for/get accepted into Boston this year? Where are my 2016 BQ buddies at?

Weekend Recap & Fall 2015 Races

Happy Monday! I hope that you had a wonderful weekend, mine started off with a late Friday night at my kids’ cross country meet. My new polo arrived last week and I was psyched to sport it for the first time!


The kids had a great day and our varsity boys nearly placed in the top 5 in their race! I didn’t get home until 1am so needless to say Saturday morning turned into a sleep in and run 14 miles in the heat of the day kind of day. :/ I had to stop at Jack in the Box for a water cup because I drank my entire CamelBack by halfway through the run! 

The rest of my Saturday involved kicking back, taking a nice long nap, and grabbing a latte and croissant at Dripp while perusing the two latest Cooking Lights!IMG_9489

We got hit with another heat wave this weekend BUT I’m determined to get in the fall spirit so – I picked up a few autumn decorations and candles to spice up the apartment….


… and started the pumpkin baking extravaganza with some pumpkin pancakes yesterday morning. 


Even Laci’s jumping in on the pumpkin fun!


Sunday involved church + sister time with my SIL to celebrate her new big move!IMG_9497

We christened the apartment with a bottle of champagne followed by dinner at Pitfire Pizza. We shared the roasted cauliflower… 


… and the Burrata Pie. They were both so good and totally hit the spot!



As far as running goes I’ve been in a racing slump for awhile so I signed up for a few races over the next few months to keep me motivated. This fall you’ll find me racing @ …

10/25 – LA Rock ‘N’ Roll Half Marathon
11/1 – Dino Dash 5K or 10K
11/15 – Pullman XC Grand Prix Championship (SoCal USATF XC Grand Prix)
11/26 – Dana Point Turkey Trot 10K
12/12 – USATF Club Nationals (San Fransisco) – tentative


What did you do this weekend?

Are you ready for fall??

What is your favorite pumpkin baked good?



Training Summary: 9/14/2015-9/20/2015

You may have seen on Instagram that I signed up for BOSTON this week!


Boston 2014

Last year registration week came and went and I didn’t sign up and although I really enjoyed getting act as cheerleader I definitely regretted not toeing that starting line.  


This year I told myself there is no way I’m missing out again so Monday morning at 7am I was on my computer filling out my registration! :)

I am already looking forward to BOSTON 2016 – only 30 weeks to go!


While marathon training won’t start in earnest until January I’ve been getting back into the swing of this doing workouts thing for a few fall races I have on the schedule (more on that tomorrow!) and have started to slowly increase my long run back to where it should be (10-12 miles is not going to cut it soon). Here’s what my runs looked like this week:

Training Summary: 9/14/2015-9/20/2015

Monday: 7 miles easy @ 7:37 pace + 30 minute leg workout @ the gym

Tuesday: 8.02 miles easy @ 7:26 pace 

Wednesday: SPEED WORKOUT // 2 mile warm-up, 6x 800m with 400m jogging rest {2:49/2:50/2:46/2:51/2:45/2:43}, 2 mile cool-down // 8.26 miles total @ 7:13 pace

Thursday: [AM] 3 miles @ 7:37 pace + 20 minutes core & upper body arm work [PM] 5.63 miles @ 7:37 w/ the boys’ varsity team

Friday: 6.53 miles easy @ 8:03 pace

Saturday: LONG RUN // 14 miles @ 7:52 pace (super hilly!)

9.18 long run

Sunday: Rest Day – MUCH needed after 14 days straight of running!