Weekend Highlights

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Wow! What a weekend! I can’t even begin to wrap my mind around everything that happened this weekend! I met a lot of amazing people (both bloggers and non-bloggers), ate oodles of amazing food, took a selfie with BART YASSO, got … Continue reading 

Date Night at Davio’s Northern Italian Steakhouse

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While you’re reading this I will either be on the plane heading to Chicago, shaking everything out with a bunch of new running buds at the ProCompression Shake-Out Run, exploring the marathon expo, or carbo-loading and wondering what the hey I have … Continue reading 

10 Essentials for your Race-cation Packing List

I can’t believe that we fly to Chicago TOMORROW! In some ways it feels like I just ran Boston yesterday… 

If you’re coming to the Shake Out run keep an eye out for this sign somewhere near the Bean!photo (24)

I usually run local races or drive down to the race location the night before and drive home right after the race (and a tasty breakfast of course) so I’ve actually NEVER flown to a race before. It took me 45 mins to drive to the start of the LA marathon from where I was living at the time and the start line of Boston is literally 3 miles from my parents’ house, so this is definitely going to be a new experience for me.

I not known for being the most organized person and wanted to make sure that I didn’t forget anything for this trip so I made a packing list and checked off each item as I put them in my bag!

Here are my top 10 essentials in my luggage!

race-cation packing list

1. Race Outfit – Obviously one of the most important things to remember! Lay it out all at once before you pack it so that you can make sure you have everything!! photo 2 (65)

2. Sneakers – Speaks for itself! Even if you plan on wearing them for your travel throw an extra pair in your bag in case you change your mind last minute (<– this happened to me once on an XC trip in college, doh)photo 4 (47)

3. Throwaway Clothes – think ahead! You don’t want to wear something you love to the starting line to keep warm and end up having to throw it away. In my bag I have mismatched gloves, Christmas themed pajama pants and an old long sleeve from a met wayyyy back in high school.

4. Watch (with CHARGER!) – There is nothing worse than running a race and having your Garmin tell you that it’s battery is low!!!photo (25)

5. iPod/iPhone with headphones (& CHARGER) – For listening to music or taking those important marathon photos!!

6. Fuel Belt – I just bought this FlipBelt and I love it! It can hold a bunch of stuff and is really comfortable.photo (26)

7. Race Fuel – If you don’t want to hit the wall at mile 18 make sure you have enough fuel to get you through. Extras are always a good idea!photo 1 (70)

8. Back up pre-race breakfast – Sometime your hotel will have free breakfast, sometimes they won’t I always bring something with me JUST IN CASE! This time around it’s instant oatmeal and some plain bagels.

9. The Stick or Mini Foam Roller – To make sure you are loose the night/morning before the race and to help you recover afterwards!photo 5 (40)

10. Info for Bib Pick-Up – Whether you need a piece of paper or just your license make sure you have everything that you need to pick up your bib!

What on your essential race-cation packing list?

What kind of fuel belt do you use? Do you like it?